What is Thermography?

Unlike our eyes a thermography camera works in the infrared part of the spectrum. Infrared energy is associated with heat, and all objects above absolute zero emit energy in this part of the spectrum. Hotter objects simply emit more energy than cold objects. A thermography camera is device that converts invisible infrared energy into a visible image. Most modern cameras can calculate the temperature of an object based on how much infrared energy it emits. Thermal imaging surveys form an integral part of a condition monitoring program, and are also widely used in building diagnostics.

Although a thermography camera seems very simple, it is in fact a very complicated device. The image it produces includes the energy radiated from the object, but it also includes reflected energy, and in some cases, transmitted energy. So while producing images is in itself fairly straight forward, interpreting them can be difficult. For this reason, proper training and certification is essential. Temperature calculation is also subject to error by the thermographer, sometimes this can be very significant, and it is essential for thermographer’s to understand the potential mistakes.

Is Thermography Different Than Thermal Imaging?

Thermography and Thermal Imaging are essentially the same thing. The word comes from Thermo- meaning heat, and graphy- meaning vision. So Thermography, means seeing heat, which is the same as thermal imaging. Working with thermography involves using a thermal imaging camera. Other common names are infrared imaging, thermal scanning, thermographic surveys, infrared scanning and IR scanning.

Where is Thermography used?

Thermography is used in many industries, and has been widely accepted by insurance companies as a way to reduce risk. Many objects are potential candidates for a thermography inspection. This includes electrical equipment, mechanical components, buildings, refractory lining, furnaces, even people.

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