Thermal Vision are proud to offer a number of Thermography Training solutions in association with ITC. Bob Berry is a specialist thermography instructor in this area, and has been working exclusively for ITC since 2005.

About ITC

The Infrared Training Centre (ITC) is the worlds largest Thermography Training Company, with headquarters in Boston and Stockholm, and regional training facilities around the globe. It is the world’s finest infrared training and certification organization. The ITC’s instructor staff includes ASNT, EPRI and BINDT Category III certified thermographer instructors. Guided by the ITC International staff, you will become an effective, proficient, certified thermographer.

The ITC offers a wide variety of infrared training courses at our modern training facilities both in our offices in West-Malling, Kent or at your facility. Choose from Certification courses for Category 1, Category 2, and Category 3 thermography, as well as specific software and/or application training. For those that require a one on one training session, we are happy to tailor a one or two day specific program. We can setup your thermography program, and manage or oversee it.