Thermal Imagers are specially designed cameras that detect infrared energy associated with heat. While photographers sometimes do infrared photography, they work at wavelengths that are too short to detect heat from most objects, this is typically in the NIR region. Thermal imagers, or thermal imaging cameras normally operate in the LWIR or MWIR regions. In these regions infrared emissions from most objects can be detected and measured.

At Thermal Vision we don’t sell cameras, we carry out surveys and inspections using the highest grade equipment available on the market. Why not hire a thermal imager complete with a skilled, experienced and certified operator?

Our thermography engineers experience is so extensive that it enabled him to register as a Chartered Engineer, through thermography alone. Our camera system has 10 times more pixels than our competitors, this means 10 times more measurement points. Thermal Vision can therefore ensure our customers of the highest possible service level.