Why settle for the rest, you deserve the BEST?

Thermal Vision have been providing advanced electrical thermography since 1998. We have a broad client base, with customers in many diverse industries, and can provide you with an unsurpassed level of service. Thermography is a non-contact temperature measurement technique. Its ability to measure temperature in a non-intrusive manner makes it one of the best tools available to the electrical industry today. Typical candidates for an infrared electrical survey include overhead transmission lines, substations, transformers, thyristor banks, circuit operating devices, switches, fuses, circuit breakers, control equipment, motors and motor control centres.

With more than 20 years experience in the electrical industry we feel that we are in a unique position in this field. We act independently of electrical contractors and do not carry out repairs on any problems found, this way we have nothing to gain from the repairs, and have no reason to mis-report faults. Our thermography engineers experience is so extensive that it enabled him to register as a Chartered Engineer, through thermography alone. Our camera system has 10 times more pixels than our competitors, this means 10 times more measurement points. Thermal Vision can therefore ensure our customers of the highest possible service level.

Can I expect more than just pictures?

We don’t just provide pictures of Hot Spots; we provide detailed information about the root cause of the Hot Spot and we how it can be repaired effectively. We will work with you to prevent problems from recurring.

It does not matter what your insurance company requires whether you need NMAC, NETA or NAVY standards we can exceed those needs.

The photos of the electrical system condition are only the starting point. You’ll receive reports that can be tailored to your needs. Working with your personnel, we develop the specific information to be included in your report that can bring light to the severity of the situation.

Our reports include an image of the condition, both in infrared and visual light, our analysis as to why the condition exists and suggestions for correcting the problem. Not only do we provide reports on hardcopy, but we also provide a Cd rom version. Our Cd also includes a copy of all images taken and all required software. If you require secure online access to your reports, NO PROBLEM. We do this at no additional cost. This is the most complete survey and report available anywhere, adding significantly to the versatility of our service.

Typical equipment for thermography

Thermography can be carried out on a range of electrical equipment to help prevent failures. This typically includes main and sub panels, distribution boards, MCC’s, transformers, AHU’s and all ancillary equipment associated with the electrical backbone of a facility. Equipment is surveyed under normal operating conditions reducing the disturbance to operation.