I was asked the following question recently.
Can an electrical short circuit be detected with the thermal imaging camera, if so, what wavelength camera is most suitable?

Electrical short circuits do generate intense local heating which in theory could be detected with a thermal camera. However, short circuits by their very nature tend to be instantaneous events, they happen suddenly and usually unexpectedly. To detect an event like this during an annual, or biannual inspection with be lucky in the extreme. It would be incredibly fortunate to be there with your camera at the same moment, and in the same location that the short circuit takes place. So while in theory this is possible, it is likely only to be picked up with continuous monitoring, and even then, you would be extremely fortunate to be monitoring the correct location.

The wavelength should not make any real difference for detecting this type of fault. There would be no real advantage to using a camera with a specific wavelength response.

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