Thermal Vision specialise in BREEAM assessment of buildings. We also specialise in thermography for litigation and arbitration. Thermography helps find location of building defects. Insulation defects are an example of problems that can be found easily with thermographic surveys. The areas without insulation can be seen with an imager viewed from the cold side (usually outside). The area with defective insulation will show up as hotter. Leaks in flat roofs are detectable, because of the difference in the thermal capacitance of the wet and dry insulation. These surveys are best done after sunset on a sunny day. The wet insulation will retain its heat for longer.

By combining thermographic surveys with the blower door technique we can detect, locate and quantify air leaks in buildings. This is done by creating a pressure differential between inside and outside, the air leaks can leave very traceable thermal patterns, which are visible to the trained eye.

We have worked in building thermography for years, and have covered everything from domestic housing, to some of the largest buildings in Ireland. Our experience and understanding in this area is far more extensive than other companies. Our approach is to tailor our methods to suit the building physics and the type of defect. Our thermography engineers experience is so extensive that it enabled him to register as a Chartered Engineer, through thermography alone. Our camera system has 10 times more pixels than our competitors, this means 10 times more measurement points. Thermal Vision can therefore ensure our customers of the highest possible service level.