Relevant Building Standards

June 27, 2016By Bob BerryBuilding thermography

Below is a list of standards relating to buildings, they are not just relevant to thermography, but may include other areas. If you have any others please don’t hesitate to post below ANSI-ASHRAE Standard 101 Application of Infrared Sensing Devices to the Assessment of Building Heat Loss Characteristics. ASTM C 1060 Standard Practice for Thermographic Inspection … Read More

Benefits of thermography on electrical systems

June 20, 2016By Bob BerryElectrical Thermography

I am often asked about the benefits associated with electrical thermography. First I have to say that every installation is different and the benefits found by one site may not be true for somewhere else. The following are some benefits commonly attributed to electrical thermography. Reduction of fire risk Overheated components do pose a very … Read More

Chimney stack thermography

June 13, 2016By Bob BerryGeneral

Email question received; I have some chimney stacks to inspect with thermography. Both stations are thermal coal. One station has two stacks that were built-in 1976-1980. The two stacks are 177 metres high. The other station has one stack and was built-in 1992/93 and is 250 metres high. I have been asked to identify areas of … Read More

Working with low emissivity busbars

June 6, 2016By Bob BerryGeneral

Recently I have come across quite a few people that work with low emissivity materials like copper busbar. Generally they are under the impression that so long as they keep away exact temperature measurement then they will be ok. They just stick to looking for thermal gradients. In fact, materials like copper busbar have such a low emissivity … Read More