A level 2 thermographer is someone with a higher degree of training and experience. He understands more about the camera and how it works, and the physics related to thermography. Level 2 thermographer’s are better placed to specify thermography equipment, and to supervise level 1 thermographer’s. Like Level 1 thermographers, Level 2′s should be following procedures developed by a Level 3. Usually they are able to perform and direct IR thermography according to established procedures. They are able to select the correct measuring technique for themselves, they can write reports, and can work quantitively. A Level 2 thermographer should have received an additional 32 hours of training, and should have 1200 hours of documented experience over a 24 month period. Under BREEAM a level 2 PCN certified civil thermographer is permitted to carryout thermography on a building. PCN certification at Level 2 introduces specialisation, so thermographer’s may be certified as Level 2 electrical, Level 2 mechanical, or Level 2 civil. Thermographer’s may have more than one area of specialisation.



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