Below are a list of books on thermography all of which I recommend, the first three are essential for anyone serious about working in the field of thermography. For other products see our products page.

The Infrared Handbook by Wolfe & Zissis (essential reference book)

Common Sense Approach to Thermal Imaging by Gerald C Holst (essential reading)

Practical Applications of Infrared Sensing and Imaging Equipment by Herbert Kaplan (essential reading)

A Practical Guide to Infra-red Thermography for Building Surveys published by BRE

Building thermography by Davide Lanzoni

Infrared thermography: electrical and industrial by Davide Lanzoni

Infrared Thermography: Errors and Uncertainties by Wiley

Infrared Thermal imaging Fundamentals, Research and Applications by Vollmer

ASNT Level 3 Study Guide