We have 3 underground diesel storage tanks – at the depth of a normal service station. – At present don’t know if there is concrete slabs above them. They want us to show any leaks, build up or breakdown in the walls and also whether there is water on top of the diesel if possible. How can thermography help?



Thermography is not likely to be much help for what you are looking doing. With your camera, you will be looking at the surface of the ground. You will not be able to see the side of the tank to detect water levels. Also, as you cannot see the walls of the tanks directly, you will no be able to determine their condition.



  • I don’t believe the post, I use the thermal camera effect on my iPhone, but I can’t see the level of liquid in a tank

    • The app, is just a thermal camera effect, this is not thermal imagery, it just applies an effect to the images that resemble thermal images.

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