The materials below are some that I would normally recommend for increasing the emissivity of materials.

  • Scotch 33 Tape Consistent emissivity of 0.95
  • Glyptal Enamel Paint Electrically insulating paint
  • Dye Penetrant Developer  This is easily applied and removed. It has a very high emissivity
  • Paints, various paints can be used
  • Some deodorants can be used, usually ones with alumina powder or similar.
  • Foot powder, this can be brushed off easily when finished.
  • A light film of oil, or water can be used.

Air temp 1

If you can think of any others, please post them below


  • Haven’t used it myself but a veteran electrical thermographer I was training in building thermography said he uses liquid Tip-Ex to mark reflective measurement points one time on electrical devices (when off!) and then reuses the measurement points in future CM visits -double benefit.

  • IRISS has high emissivity large format and shaped labels for electrical inspections, these labels have an emissivity of 0.95.

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