Finally, after leaving it too long. My Ceng certificate arrived by post.

Achieving chartered status is something that I have thought about for some time, but just never got around to applying for, until fairly recently. After a detailed application process and fairly thorough peer review process, I have finally been awarded status as a Chartered Engineer. I could have done this through IET, by using my electrical qualifications, but instead I decided to do this through BINDT, as this is more current to my present activities. I’m not aware of anyone else that has gone through the process through their thermography qualifications and experience. I don’t quite know how unique this is.


  • Bob, Congratulations.
    A fantastic achievement and one many do not appreciate the effort required to satisfy the requirements necessary to be awarded this honour, particularly more so in a field where it is less tried and tested than in others. Very much in the same boat having put off becoming CENG myself, perhaps is something I shall look at this summer…..question is do I take the easier road of doing it through my vast electrical background or the IRT route using my Level 3 and experiences in this field .

    Certainly be interested to hear more about the process you faced.

    All the best and again well done, another great step taken to remain among those top of this industry.

    Stuart Holland

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