Compressed air tank thermography

August 1, 2016By Bob BerryGeneral

Question; We have a number of pressure vessels onsite. These are are compressed air tanks and we would like to test them for cracks, damage, sludge and non visible rust etc. None of the vessels have cladding and all are made of mild steel. There are some indoor and some outside so the ambient temperature … Read More

Thermography Books

July 17, 2016By Bob BerryGeneral

Due to demand we have added a page of recommended books on Thermography here should anyone have any suggestions I am happy to add to this

What is a Level 2 thermographer qualified to do?

July 11, 2016By Bob BerryGeneral

A level 2 thermographer is someone with a higher degree of training and experience. He understands more about the camera and how it works, and the physics related to thermography. Level 2 thermographer’s are better placed to specify thermography equipment, and to supervise level 1 thermographer’s. Like Level 1 thermographers, Level 2′s should be following … Read More

Condition Monitoring Standards & Guidelines

July 4, 2016By Bob BerryElectrical Thermography, General

Condition Monitoring Standards & Guidelines BS 5760-5. Reliability of systems, equipment and components; Guide to failure modes, effects and criticality analysis (FMEA and FMECA) ISBN 0580 196607. BS 5760-7 (IEC 61025). Reliability of systems, equipment and components. Fault tree analysis. ISBN 0580 203387. CMGEN, General requirements for qualification and PCN certification of condition monitoring and … Read More

Chimney stack thermography

June 13, 2016By Bob BerryGeneral

Email question received; I have some chimney stacks to inspect with thermography. Both stations are thermal coal. One station has two stacks that were built-in 1976-1980. The two stacks are 177 metres high. The other station has one stack and was built-in 1992/93 and is 250 metres high. I have been asked to identify areas of … Read More

Working with low emissivity busbars

June 6, 2016By Bob BerryGeneral

Recently I have come across quite a few people that work with low emissivity materials like copper busbar. Generally they are under the impression that so long as they keep away exact temperature measurement then they will be ok. They just stick to looking for thermal gradients. In fact, materials like copper busbar have such a low emissivity … Read More

A6703sc images

May 30, 2016By Bob BerryGeneral

There are a couple of images below taken with an A6703sc, both images are of a £2 coin, one with a 50mm lens, the other with a 1X microscope lens.