Can a Level 1 Thermographer Write a Report?


This is a question that I have been recently asked.


“Can a Level 1 Thermographer write a report?”


Yes, strictly speaking thermography is an unregulated industry, and a Level 1 thermographer can write a report. So too can anybody else, from a florist, to a driving instructor. However, it cannot conform to recognised standards, unless those standards have been followed.

According to CM/GEN APPENDIX B a Level 1 thermographer is qualified to “evaluate and report test results in accordance with established instructions and highlight areas of concern.” It also makes it clear that “ Level 1 certificated personnel shall not be responsible for the choice of test method or technique to be used, nor for the assessment of test results.” So really to conform with this standard, a Level 1 would need to be working under supervision. What exactly a Level 1 thermographer does will vary from country to country and across various industries.

In a number of countries a Level 1 thermographer is not allowed to write a report if it is going to be used for insurance purposes, and reports used for insurance must be written by Level 2 thermographers. BREEAM also requires reports to be written by Level 2 thermographers.