What type of information should be included in a thermographic report of a building?

This is something that varies from one company to another, and indeed from one person to another. There is no real standard report that can be used universally. The following are only suggestions, and my opinion, it is also not intended to be a complete list. The main source for this has been BS EN 13187.

A simplified test report

  • Description of the test with reference to the standard being applied with. A statement that a simplified test is being performed.
  • Name  and full address of client.
  • Description of construction.
  • Date and hour of test
  • Inside air temperature and temperature difference during test.
  • Air pressure difference, over leeward and windward side, if necessary for each level.
  • Identification of the parts of the building observed.
  • Location, extent and type of each defect.
  • Supplimentary measurement results.
  • Date and signature
  • Other important factors affecting the test

Full test report

  • In addition to the above, the following should also be included.
  • Type of surfaces and estimated emissivity value used.
  • Orientation of building in relation to compass points.
  • Make model and serial number of equipment used, along with specification.
  • Max and min values for outside are temperature during the test, and in the 24 hours before.
  • Solar radiation conditions during the test and in the 12 hours before.
  • Precipitation details
  • Wind details
  • Sketches or photos of the building showing the position of images and the location of the camera.
  • Images, including temperature levels, and sketches showing the position of the defect.




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