Solar Loading

January 9, 2017By Bob BerryGeneral

I have been asked quite a lot recently about the effect of sunshine on thermography. Strong sunlight will cause solar loading, this means that the sun will heat the objects that it is shining on. While we don’t normally worry about colour in thermography, colour will strongly affect the amount of heat transfer that takes place … Read More

Difficult emissivity measurements

December 19, 2016By Bob BerryGeneral

  I have had several communications from people for whom the basic method for measuring emissivity just doesn’t work. There are various reasons why this can be unsuitable, including not being able to heat the object, or the object temperature being very high, and burning the pvc tape. Here are some suggestions; Firstly we must … Read More

Infrared windows

December 5, 2016By Bob BerryGeneral, Training

Infrared windows are often used to allow us to inspect through an opaque solid material. They are made from various materials and are very useful where no other option exists. This blog looks at some of the known issues and is really just my opinion. Choice of material; There are many different materials available, the … Read More


November 28, 2016By Bob BerryGeneral, Training

The method of measuring transmissivity here is described in ISO 18434-1. The principle is to use a material of known temperature target object to determine the transmissivity of an unknown material. The test material is placed between the camera and the target object , which should be uniformly heated. The emissivity setting in the camera … Read More

IR Mirrors

November 21, 2016By Bob BerryGeneral, Training

“Are there IR mirrors available?” Answer; Yes IR mirrors are available and can be used for many different purposes. They can be used where a direct line of sight is not available (to help see around a corner with a camera), and they can be used where the cameras is too close to the target … Read More

snap & go thermography

November 14, 2016By Bob BerryGeneral

  Thermal camera sales people often advocate the “snap & go” method of thermography. This is where you just take your images in the field and analyze them later. Is this always a good idea?   No, it is not always a good idea. Doing your analysis in the field does slow you down, true, … Read More

Stephan-Boltzman’s law

November 7, 2016By Bob BerryGeneral, Training

      Stephans Boltzmans Law   If Stephan-Boltzman’s Law gives us the total amount of radiation throughout the spectrum, and our camera only works in the LWIR region how can it display the correct temperature?   This is an excellent question.   Firstly, yes Stephan-Boltzmans Law gives us the total radiation throughout the spectrum. … Read More

Flir MSX

October 31, 2016By Bob BerryBuilding thermography, Electrical Thermography, General, Training

MSX   MSX or Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging is a feature available with selected Flir cameras. I have recently had the opportunity  to try this out in a working environment, and have decided to post my opinion here. I personally have a mixed view about this. On the one hand it is a fantastic feature, and … Read More