Thermography Books

July 17, 2016By Bob BerryGeneral

Due to demand we have added a page of recommended books on Thermography here should anyone have any suggestions I am happy to add to this

What is a Level 2 thermographer qualified to do?

July 11, 2016By Bob BerryGeneral

A level 2 thermographer is someone with a higher degree of training and experience. He understands more about the camera and how it works, and the physics related to thermography. Level 2 thermographer’s are better placed to specify thermography equipment, and to supervise level 1 thermographer’s. Like Level 1 thermographers, Level 2′s should be following … Read More

Condition Monitoring Standards & Guidelines

July 4, 2016By Bob BerryElectrical Thermography, General

Condition Monitoring Standards & Guidelines BS 5760-5. Reliability of systems, equipment and components; Guide to failure modes, effects and criticality analysis (FMEA and FMECA) ISBN 0580 196607. BS 5760-7 (IEC 61025). Reliability of systems, equipment and components. Fault tree analysis. ISBN 0580 203387. CMGEN, General requirements for qualification and PCN certification of condition monitoring and … Read More

Relevant Building Standards

June 27, 2016By Bob BerryBuilding thermography

Below is a list of standards relating to buildings, they are not just relevant to thermography, but may include other areas. If you have any others please don’t hesitate to post below ANSI-ASHRAE Standard 101 Application of Infrared Sensing Devices to the Assessment of Building Heat Loss Characteristics. ASTM C 1060 Standard Practice for Thermographic Inspection … Read More

Flir P660 for sale

June 20, 2016By Bob BerryGeneral

This is my own personal camera, it has been well looked after, and regularly serviced and calibrated by Flir. This camera is regularly used and kept in tip top condition. Last service and calibration 06/06/2016. I can include a service and calibration if required. It is a P660, but has been upgraded to an SC660, … Read More

Benefits of thermography on electrical systems

June 20, 2016By Bob BerryElectrical Thermography

I am often asked about the benefits associated with electrical thermography. First I have to say that every installation is different and the benefits found by one site may not be true for somewhere else. The following are some benefits commonly attributed to electrical thermography. Reduction of fire risk Overheated components do pose a very … Read More