What material has the best emissivity?

August 22, 2016By Bob BerryTraining

  Recent I was asked this “What material has the best emissivity?”. It is a tricky question to answer as first I need to figure out what is meant by “best”. Best could mean, best highest, or best lowest. Emissivity it not just a material property, it is affected by other factors. The object with the highest … Read More

What emissivity setting should I use?

August 15, 2016By Bob BerryTraining

  I have been asked the following question; “What emissivity setting should I enter in my camera when carrying out a CM survey?” Of course this is a bit subjective, and can be an individual choice, but there are a few different options that people normally use. I have to say that if we need … Read More

Thermography of diesel tanks

August 7, 2016By Bob BerryGeneral

Question; We have 3 underground diesel storage tanks – at the depth of a normal service station. – At present don’t know if there is concrete slabs above them. They want us to show any leaks, build up or breakdown in the walls and also whether there is water on top of the diesel if possible. … Read More

Compressed air tank thermography

August 1, 2016By Bob BerryGeneral

Question; We have a number of pressure vessels onsite. These are are compressed air tanks and we would like to test them for cracks, damage, sludge and non visible rust etc. None of the vessels have cladding and all are made of mild steel. There are some indoor and some outside so the ambient temperature … Read More

What does high emissivity mean?

July 25, 2016By Bob BerryTraining

To put it simply, a high emissivity object is better able to radiate energy than a low emissivity object. A blackbody would have an emissivity of 1, meaning that it would emit 100% efficiently. Lower emissivity objects would be less efficient emitters. An object with an emissivity of 0.6 would emit 60% of the energy … Read More

Thermography Books

July 17, 2016By Bob BerryGeneral

Due to demand we have added a page of recommended books on Thermography here http://thermalvision.ie/thermography/books/ should anyone have any suggestions I am happy to add to this